Getting Comfortable in front of the Lens

Oh hey there.. Let’s go ahead and address the elephant in the room..

“I feel so awkward or scared being in front of a camera”

One of the most common phrases I hear from each and every couple who book us. Here I endeavour to address this most common statement, to put your mind at ease. I hope as you continue to read, a sigh of relief escapes you..

Legends Ashlea + Mark organised an engagement shoot with us a couple of weeks ago in Brisbane to help calm their nerves. So, if being in front of the lens seems daunting, my first tip to you is to follow Ashlea + Marks lead: book an engagement shoot to learn a little bit about the way we will work together.

I’m a super approachable guy, and it is my sole purpose to make you feel comfortable on your big day. Scrap that, I want you to be comfortable in every encounter we have: emailing, calling, Skyping, coffee dating. I want you to feel as though you can msg or call with any little question, any time of the day. On your wedding day I want to be a source of inspiration and calm.

I once heard at a worksop, many moons ago, that it is our job as Wedding Photographers to take pictures that only a parent can..

This means that we need our couples to feel so comfortable with us, they let their guard down and invite us into personal moments. These are the images that you are going to want in your wedding album. The images that you are going to want framed on your walls. The images you will want to revisit over and over, to relive every subtle and powerful experience of your wedding day.

I find this process needs to be reciprocated. The more I let my guard down with a couple, the more that they will let me in, relax, and just be. My mission is not only to encourage the story of the day, to allow those precious and intimate moments to unravel as I capture them, but to also ensure that you are having an incredible time, uninhibited by the lens. To do that, we need to get comfortable with each other.

I strongly urge a meet up with each and every couple prior to their big day. I’m even down for a skype session while we both sip on coffee.

Prior to your big day, I want to know about your love story. How did you meet? What brought you together? What is the thing about your partner, their quirk, that you love but may drive others mad? The answers are of utmost importance to me. Getting to know your story on an intimate level will cue me throughout your wedding day and further my understanding of your relationship.

The Shoot

On your big day, I will prompt and pose only when the occasion calls for it. Some couples won’t need any direction, others may need a tip here or there. I may ask “ok hold hands and just chat to each other”, or “pull her in like it’s freezing and you have to keep her warm” and, to really heat things up I might shout out, “ok, look each other in the eyes.. really look.. now close your eyes and I want you both to slowly lean in for a kiss..” However you can’t kiss until I say you can. Creating little experiences like these tend to initiate a juicy atmosphere between you both and that’s where the magic lies.

In saying this, I also want you to remember, your wedding day, the day you have spent months, perhaps years planning, will be over in a blur of emotion and dancing. It goes by so fast. I’m here to slow it down and give you moments to take your time, breath each other in, and allow yourselves to just be you..

Here is a Behind the Scenes video of Ashlea and Marks shoot a couple of weeks ago. Please Enjoy

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