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Steve + Keshia present the interweb face of Glass Slipper Photography for your viewing pleasures. Whether you have joined us to kill time or find a wedding photographer, search inspiration or browse our recent travels, we welcome you!

Please, pull up a chair, grab a cup of tea (and some baked goods) and tuck in for some epic eye candy.

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Claire + Fergus

If you feel like the Glass Slipper Photography site has been getting a lil’ bit of TLC over the last few months,

Laura + Hamish

There is nothing quite like shooting the wedding of two humans who’s smiles and laughter are

Vanessa + Matt

This was a wedding we shot earlier this year. And it was epic. I know I have said it before, but nothing beats an


Kate + Stuart

Ahhh We love love… And when it comes to Kate + Stuart, we were surrounded by it. Like glitter at a New Years

Styled Shoot – Carla + Josh

Carla makes up half of the incredibly talented sister duo behind the Made With Love bridal wear. We collaborated on a

Victoria + Jason

I don’t even know where to begin with this blog. It’s a special one. We really clicked with Victoria +

Kenna + Chewy

Okay, okay. I will be the first to admit that we tend to brag about our couples… A lot. This is for good reason.

Gold Coast Wedding Photography

Album Time

There is nothing better than having all of your memories captured and artfully put together to tell an amazing story. A

Sharr + Tayne

Individuality. Something that is hard to define. And hard to achieve. Especially in the wedding game. In weddings,

Travel – North America

If weddings was our spouse… Travel would be our mistress. And boy is she fine. Since our full time work is

Kirby + Sam

Yes. We are currently in the smack bang middle of wedding season. So many incredible weddings. And oh so little time to

Kate + Andrew

A short 14 hour day that encapsulated more then you could possibly imagine. Sun, drizzle, canons, rainbow mobs, a first