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Steve + Keshia present the interweb face of Glass Slipper Photography for your viewing pleasures. Whether you have joined us to kill time or find a wedding photographer, search inspiration or browse our recent travels, we welcome you!

Please, pull up a chair, grab a cup of tea (and some baked goods) and tuck in for some epic eye candy.

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Pumphouse Point Wedding photographed by Glass Slipper Photography

Pumphouse Point

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Zonzo Estate

Often we are given the incredibly good fortune of capturing couples who we click with. Danielle and Leon were one of

Abbotsford Convent Wedding Photography

Thao + David

Weddings down in Melbourne always seem to evoke a large amount of positive emotions in my mind. The summer days are

Chateau La Durantie Wedding - Dordogne

Phillipa + Josh

| Exciting News!! We will be in France from June – August 2018 and are now taking wedding bookings. We would

Stones of the Yarra Valley Wedding Photography

Jasmina + Salvatore

One of the greatest things life has to offer is the chance to meet new people. Photography takes us to so many

Sammy + AJ

Alas. Once again, we were a little slow off the mark with this one… So let me have a little ramble. I know

Claire + Fergus

If you feel like the Glass Slipper Photography site has been getting a lil’ bit of TLC over the last few months,

Laura + Hamish

There is nothing quite like shooting the wedding of two humans who’s smiles and laughter are

Styled Shoot – Frida Kahlo

Being Photographers, we like to get our creative on. It’s fun. It’s exciting. It’s a great way to